• Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo
    NAEE is leading Renewable Energy event in Nigeria
  • Botswana Renewable Energy Expo
    Botswana Renewable Energy Expo is Botswana Leading renewable Energy expo
  • Africa Wine expo is Africa's Leading wine expo
  • Nigeria Energy Award honors the leaders of energy efficiency and climate change
  • SAGFEX is the only Business to consumer green fair

Welcome to Mathesis Consulting

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, Mathesis Consulting is one of UK’s most well-established and reputable conference management companies.

Mathesis Consulting is a full service meeting and planning company and is equipped to manage all aspects of business and corporate meetings, conferences, expo and congresses. Mathesis Consulting collaborates with meeting & corporate planners, associations, marketing companies, and event planning services providers to create memorable and powerful events.


We bring world class flair and experience your events…

Service Delivery

We take a systems-based approach to every project we manage. We prepare the detailed documentation that will govern its entire life cycle: a project plan, a strategic marketing plan…

Global Expertise

Working with experts from across the globe, we are constantly exposed to new ideas and new approaches in design, technology and marketing…

Focus on the Environment

Our networking innovations help increase the environmental sustainability of our products, solutions, and operations…

Economic Development

We aim to improve the well-being of people around the communities we do business in with technology based economic development programs to promote long-term, sustainable growth…